Photo Credit: Israel Government
First Sergeant Amir Khoury First Sergeant Amir Khoury, 32, of Nof HaGalil in northern Israel.

On the anniversary of his death, the city of Bnei Brak is honoring an Arab police officer killed trying to stop a terror attack. First Sergeant Amir Khoury is the first non-Jew that the Orthodox city is honoring with a street name.

HaHarmon Street will be renamed Policeman’s Street. Signs will include the inscription, “For Policeman Amir Khoury.”


Khoury, a Christian Arab from the northern community of Nof HaGalil was killed when a Palestinian terrorist went on a shooting spree in Bnei Brak on March 29. A motorcycle patrolman, Khoury was killed while trying to stop the terrorist.

The 32-year-old officer was survived by his parents, a brother and two sisters.

City councilman Yaakov Vider, who proposed honoring Khoury with a street name said, “This is the little that the residents of Bnei Brak can give back to the hero of Israel and his dear family. Amir saved many lives. There is no more important value in Judaism than saving a life – anyone who saves a life of one of Israel seems to have saved the whole world.”

Also killed in the attack were Bnei Brak residents Rabbi Yaakov Shalem and Avishai Yehezkel, and Ukrainian nationals Dimitri Mitrik and Victor Sorokopot.

The terrorist, Diaa Hamarsheh, was killed by responding police officers.

The shooting spree was one of several Palestinian terror attacks that occurred around the beginning of the Islamic month of Ramadan which killed 19 people.

Israel responded by launching Operation Wave Breaker, an on-going counter-terror campaign in Judea and Samaria which has thwarted more than 500 attacks.


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