Photo Credit: Courtesy of Im Tirtzu
One Arab HAC student posted his image next to a picture of body bags from Friday nights massacre outside a synagogue in Jerusalem, January 27, 2023.

Professor Bertold Friedlander, President of the Hadassah Academic College Jerusalem (HAC), a publicly funded institution, on Saturday night issued a letter to his students threatening to expel Arab students who expressed their joy on WhatsApp over Friday night’s massacre in which seven Jews were murdered.

Friedlander said he received the information from IM Tirtzu about two HAC students who expressed themselves on WhatsApp about the bloody terrorist attack, stating: “We cannot accept open support for terror attacks. Moreover, we will not permit entry to the college for students whose behavior harms the sense of security of the staff and all the students.”


According to Im Tirtzu, one HAC social work student named Onad posted on WhatsApp: “The 21-year-old heroic martyr from East Jerusalem, he brought our revenge.”

And a biotechnology student named Ahmad Kalouti quoted on WhatsApp a verse from the Koran: “Allah will abuse them and defeat them,” and added: “We let them drink from the same cup they let us drink from, only we are more steadfast.”

Im Tirtzu called on the Israel Police to act immediately to arrest the supporters of terrorism before they carry out an attack on their classmates.

I’m especially concerned about Kalouti, the biotechnology student. Are you kidding me? Take away his vials, for heaven’s sake. And the Bunsen burner – especially the Bunsen burner.


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