Arab media have issued numerous calls to murder the Israeli police officer who last week shot and killed one of the terrorists who participated in a stabbing attack on him and several other cops at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The Hamas-affiliated Shehab News Agency yesterday posted on Facebook a photo singling out the officer with a blue circle around his face.

Circled image of the Israeli policeman

We red-flagged the post to Facebook, and they took it down within the hour:


Before being diligently removed, the post on the popular Facebook page which has more than seven millions followers read: “The extremist Zionist policeman circled in blue who shot the two Jerusalemite boys, Nassim Abu Rumi and Hamoudeh al-Sheikh, two days ago, was also the one who took furniture from the prayer house at the Gate of Mercy last night,”

As can be clearly seen in the video, the extremist Zionist policeman was responding to a murderous stabbing attack by the two Jerusalemite boys. As to the furniture, those were removed from an illegal mosque established at the Gate of Mercy on the Temple Mount.

Dozens of talkbackers called to murder the police officer. “There are heroes in Jerusalem, the time of his stabbing is coming soon,” read one of the comments.

Other comments included: Which type of car should I run him over with (response: Peugeot 205 or Kia)?; His end is near; Allah will deal with him; His days will come to an end God willing; and We want his head.”

The Zionist organization Im Tirtzu, which discovered the post, immediately notified the police of the death threats.

This is a serious case in which a policeman is facing death threats for fulfilling his duty on the Temple Mount,” said Tom Nisani, Director of Im Tirtzu’s Arab Desk.

“The time has come to treat the Temple Mount like any other sovereign place in Israel and crack down on the Arab-Islamist social networks that frequently incite violence against policemen and Jewish worshippers,” Nisani said, adding, “The writing is on the wall and we must do something before the next disaster. These inciters belong behind bars.”