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Vaccine stopwatch

A medical staff member at an HMO clinic in central Israel on Monday accidentally received a whole vial of Pfizer’s vaccine, News12 reported on Tuesday. The staff member was injected with 5-6 doses of the Corona vaccine at one time. The Health Ministry confirmed the report and said the incident is under investigation.

The staff member received an injection of an entire, unadulterated vial that should have been enough for 5 to 6 patients. He was hospitalized overnight for observation and was released Tuesday morning.


Following the incident, the Health Ministry updated its guidelines for the vaccinations, telling medical teams in the field about “an error resulting from the splitting of the dilution process and the injection.”

According to the ministry’s amended recommendations, the same nurse should dilute and inject the vaccine.

The updated directive added: “Do not prepare vaccine doses in advance; each vaccine dose should be prepared only after verifying that the vaccine vial has been diluted.”

Also in the new guidelines: “After diluting the vaccine vial, the date and time of its administration should be recorded clearly and in a prominent place using a non-erasable pen.”

Also: “A vaccine vial may be used for up to 6 hours at room temperature. After 6 hours, the vaccine vial must be destroyed.”

And: “Enhanced care must be taken throughout the process: the dilution of the vaccine vial, drawing the vaccine dose, and the injection, with quality control over the entire process.”

Despite the disturbing faux pas, Israel’s extensive vaccination campaign continues. As of Monday night, about 10,000 people have been vaccinated and appointments have been made for more than 200,000 insured persons in all the country’s HMOs.

Health Minister Edelstein stated that “the rate of vaccinations in hospitals and HMOs is satisfactory. I am aware of the problems in scheduling appointments. They stem from an incredible demand from citizens who understand the importance of immunization. We need to hurry the process of scheduling appointments.”

On Tuesday, 10 HMO centers for corona vaccinations will be opened in Nahariya, Kiryat Gat, Carmiel, Eilat, Dimona, Arad, Tsfat, Kiryat Shmona, Shefar’am and Sderot.

Minister Edelstein stated: “The residents of Kiryat Gat and Tsfat deserve to be vaccinated no less than the residents of Tel Aviv and Herzliya.”

Who said there are no more brave politicians in Israel willing to express unpopular views?


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