Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sonovia Ltd.
Israeli startup Sonovia's SonoMask.

Israeli start-up Sonovia has developed SonoMask, a facemask proven to eliminate 99% of COVID-19 particles. Using technology developed by Bar-Ilan University, SonoMask utilizes a process called cavitation, which involves using specialized machinery to emit sound waves that infuse proprietary chemical formulations into the woven fibers of textiles. With that, Sonovia positioned itself at the forefront of the fight to stop the pandemic.

Unlike the N95 mask which is only rated for dust filtration and was not designed for antiviral protection, Sonovia’s metal-oxide infused masks have a particle filtration above 98% of 5 microns and will last over 1 year. The main route of infection is through infective aerosol droplets against which the SonoMask is an effective barrier. For added protection, metal oxide nanoparticles also deactivate viral units on contact.


The SonoMask maintains its protective properties through more than 55 industrial wash cycles, eliminating the need to frequently replace masks or filters and making it a far greener solution than traditional disposable PPE, which also pollute the environment.

Sonovia’s lab. / Courtesy of Sonovia Ltd.

Chief Technology Officer at Sonovia Ltd. Liat Goldhammer said that “we see our breakthrough technology transforming our everyday life, implemented in all textiles surrounding us: from the clothes we wear, to the textiles in our home, the textiles in our public spaces, in public transportation and of course as a protective measure in the workplaces & medical institutes in a manner that ensures safer surroundings during these unusual times.”

Sonovia recently shared reassuring results from the internationally accredited American Type Culture Collection Testing laboratory (ATCC), showing that the SonoMask displayed a 99.34% effectiveness, neutralizing the SARS-COV2 virus within just 30 minutes of exposure in accordance with ISO 18184.

Sonovia also received results from an experiment conducted with the Italian Automotive giant Adler, proving an effective treatment for carpets and fabrics with a 99.999% efficiency rating against bacteria.

Sonovia’s lab. / Courtesy of Sonovia Ltd.

Sonovia has also participated in an accelerator project with the European fashion company A&C and was rewarded with a $250 thousand investment from the Play and Plug venture fund. This pilot included cooperation with leading sporting brands such as Adidas, Gucci, and Chanel.

Presently, Sonovia is in the process of integrating its anti-bacterial fabric in the sports clothing line of the Israeli clothing manufacturer Delta. It is also in the process of producing textiles for Israeli hospitals’ bedding and uniforms. The textiles reduce the risk of contagion and ultimately ensure a safer environment where the COVID-19 resides.


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