Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90

An Israeli-French man, 40, suspected of cheating elderly people in France out of amount of millions of euros was released on Wednesday in Tel Aviv, Israel Police reported.

The investigation was launched in France, but when it was discovered that the suspect was a resident of Tel Aviv, the complaint was transferred to the fraud division of Israel Police in Tel Aviv.


The suspect was caught playing volleyball on the beach, and a raid of his home revealed NIS 3 million ($887 thousand) in foreign and local currency.

He was remanded to seven days in jail to await an indictment.

Police also seized technological equipment in the suspect’s home which he allegedly used to commit the offenses, including seven cell phones, computers, relevant documents, various credit cards and checkbooks.

The suspect has a criminal record in France.

Police suspect that the man impersonated an enforcement official and asked his victims to transfer funds to finance the process of reimbursing them for funds that had been taken from them fraudulently in a previous scheme.

There are more suspects, and the investigation is in its infancy. The police are investigating other suspects in Israel.


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