Photo Credit: Courtesy Yehuda Glick
1,000 Jews visited Temple Mount by Noon, 9 B'Av

By the time the Temple Mount compound was closed to Jewish visitors, at noon, on 9 B’Av, a reported 1,008 Jews had visited the holiest site to Judaism on the day both of our temples were destroyed.

Jewish visitors touring the Temple Mount, 9 B’Av, 5778 / Yosef Mizrahi / TPS

The site will re-open to Jewish visitors at 1:30 PM


During the morning hours on 9 B’Av, ten Jews who ascended the Temple Mount were detained by police during their tour of the holy site. According to Honenu, some of the detainees committed the sin of bowing down at the site, an act which is carried out literally five times a day, every day, by hordes of Muslims.

Member of the Students for the Temple Mount movement with signs saying: ‘Construction Site,’ 9 B’Av, 5778

Put that one in your Nationality Law, Mr. Netanyahu.

The offending Jewish pilgrims were removed from the compound and jailed at the Beit Eliahu police station. All but three were released. Honenu legal aid society attorney Moshe Polski is representing the three detainees who have not yet been released – members of the Students for the Temple Mount movement.

Member of the Students for the Temple Mount movement detained and removed, 9 B’Av, 5778 / Yosef Mizrahi / TPS

MK Yehuda Glick (Likud) tweeted: “About 1,000 Jews went up this morning to the Temple Mount, where the destruction took place, to prepare for its building. I met pilgrims from all over the world: France, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, Romania, Japan, USA, the Dominican Republic and more.

“I remember that until a few years ago the Temple Mount was closed on Tisha B’Av to non-Muslims. Now, when the police are at the ready, [the prophecy] ‘Comfort and keep comforting, my people,’ is possible.”


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