Photo Credit: IDF Border Guard Police Spokesperson.
Israel Border Guard Police vehicle set on fire by Molotov cocktail.

Several Molotov cocktails were thrown at an Israeli Border Police armored vehicle early Friday morning, during an operation alongside the security fence route near Abu Dis in the Jerusalem envelope Arab communities. The vehicle was totaled as a result.

The incident ended with no casualties, and fire-fighting forces were called to extinguish the fire.


At this point, large Border Police forces are operating in the Abu Dis area to locate suspects and gather evidence.

The Border Guard spokesperson said the fighters inside the armored vehicle acted quickly, removed their operational equipment from the vehicle, acted to secure the scene and even began initial firefighting operations until the fire and rescue forces arrived.

The Border Guard spokesperson also stressed that their activity in the sector would be enhanced significantly until the perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted.

Finally: here’s something the Border Guard was doing earlier this week: destroying Jewish homes in Elon Shevut. In the future: more securing against Arab terrorists, less destroying Jewish homes. We’re just saying.


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