Photo Credit: Zvi Oron, via Wikimedia
Israel Independence Day in Jerusalem, 1960

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence and the 50th anniversary of the Unification of Jerusalem. To celebrate both occasions, a variety of events will take place throughout the city from April 18 to 19, free of charge.

Yom Ha’atzmaut — Independence Day — begins on the eve of Wednesday, April 18.


Street parties will take place in the Machane Yehuda Market and in the center of town on Friday, April 20. There will also be entertainment stages throughout the city featuring a range of performers including Yossi Azulay, Liron Amram, Balkan Beat Box, Lior Narkis with Avi Mesika and Shay Cohen, Pritsat Disc, Reva LeAfrica, Gili Yallo, Fortis, AVEVA, Ana Aref, Alma Zohar and other top DJs.

There will also be events held in cultural institutions throughout the city including Amir Shreiber and the Israeli Groove at the Israel Museum, An audiovisual journey about the life of Menachem Begin at the Menachem Begin Museum; Illustration and comics workshops at Beit Agnon; a sing-along with Sarale Sharon at the Bible Lands Museum; theater and music show with Yair Altman; live theater – Blues for the men in Blue, a story of cops and robbers among Jerusalem’s walls and countless other activities – all free of charge.

The light rail will be run by CityPass throughout the night on the eve of Yom Ha’atzmaut. The Jaffa Center station will be temporarily closed following police recommendations, therefore no boarding or alighting will be permitted at this station.

The Jerusalem Development Authority Director of Tourism, Ilanit Melchior has promised a spectacular Yom Ha’atzmaut. She said, “It is wonderful to be celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary in Israel’s capital. It follows the 50th anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem. Yom Ha’atzmaut is always a special time and we look forward to welcoming both Israelis and tourists to Jerusalem to enjoy the festivities taking place throughout the city.”

Full List of Independence Day Events (in military time):


19:45 – Beacon lighting ceremony

22:00 – Main stage, celebrating 70 years of independence at Independence Park

Featuring: Yossi Azulay, Liron Amram, Balkan Beat Box, Lior Narkis with Avi Mesika and Shay Cohen. Host: Elad Amedy.

* Fireworks at 22:30 and 24:00.

Celebrating 70 years of independence at Kikar Zion (Zion Square)

The main stage will be active from 21:00 to 24:00, featuring: Pritsat Disc, Reva LeAfrica, Gili Yallo, Fortis, AVEVA, Ana Aref and DJ Ofir Tubul.

* Fireworks at 22:30 and 24:00 at the  Independence Park.

Singing and Dancing Independence at Safra Square 21:30-03:30

Starting with artists’ performances followed by public dancing with the best dance instructors.

Singing independence with Aviva Avidan and Lee Fishman.

Hebrew party with Motti and Shmulik. Host – Avi Ofek. Admission free.

Dancing Independence at Safra Square 24:00 – 3:30

Following the artists’ performances, a mass folk dancing event will be held, hosted by Avner Nayim and Miki Kogen.

3 FRONT STAGE parties will be held simultaneously in the center of town between 22:00 and 3:00

Hip Hop and Groove – Jaffa St. DJ SHLOMI PIZMONIM, DJ Tali Ben Itzhak, DJ Pnina Shimon.

Techno and Trance – Hillel St.


House Dance – Ben Yehuda St.

DJ Yaniv Danan, DJ Barak Kapilto, DJ SHAZO.

Machane Yehuda Market – 3 DJ performances

The market transforms into one big party with 3 different DJ performances: DJ Pnina Shimon, DJ BALABOOSTA, Roi Bracha, Roni Mansano.

Independence at Teddy Park

Independence Day prayer with Haverim Lenigun, and singing with Sharim Bagina featuring special guest Alma Zohar.

Admission free.

20:00 – Festive Prayers at the Wailing Wall

Followed by public dancing accompanied by musicians and singing. Independence party with the Student Union.

Time 22:30 Alrov Mamilla Avenue, upper level. Leading DJ’s playing your favorite Israeli music.

*Tickets can be purchased from the Student Union.

21:30 – Independence Concert at the Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA. Conductor: Frédéric Chaslin.

*Tickets: 1-700-700-400.


A vivid tour experience. Historical buildings revived with sound and light.

Artistic management, projection and animation – Shlomit Yaakov.


Independence Day Events at the Theaters

Theater Company Jerusalem – Beit Mazia
A Journey through Time – a new show and musical act by ‘Meorav Yerushalmi’ at 14:00
Salt of the Earth – a play about the invisible people living in Israel at 16:30
Admission free
18 Mesilat Yesharim St., Tel: 02-6244584/6

​The Incubator Theater – Beit Mazia
The Beautiful Israeli – a humorous play, about identities in Israeli society at 11:00 and 13:00. Cost: NIS 10
Beaujolais – 13 young artists’ autobiographies in a comical cabaret at 21:00
Admission free
18 Mesilat Yesharim St., Tel: 02-6543004

​The Train Theater – Gan Hapaamon (Liberty Bell Park)
‘Across the Ocean’ – a play for children based on the poems of H.N. Bialik, via object theater, puppets and song. Performances at 11:00 and 12:30. Cost: NIS 10.
The ‘Kirkasum’ Duo – a blue and white interactive clown show marking 70 years of independence.
The area next to the train carriage at 10:30 and 12:00
Admission free

Gan Hapaamon (Liberty Bell Park)
Tickets at, Tel: number 02-5618514/Ext 111.
Psik Theatre
​Madam Prime Minister – a play about the life of Golda Meir at 10:30
The Crazy History of Jerusalem – a unique, multimedia stage performance that traces Jerusalem’s history from biblical times to the present. Performance at 16:30.
For the whole family
Admission free
18 Mesilat Yesharim St., Tel: 02-6333883

Kumkum Theatre
​Flyby of the Kettles – shows and workshops concentrating on Israel’s 70th anniversary. Puppet show, clowns, music, acrobatics, plays and more.
Theatrical tour – introducing the communal garden of the Nature Museum.
Open between 11:00 and 15:00
Admission free
6 Shmuel Mohilever St., Tel: 02-7705389

Jerusalem Dance Theatre – Beit Mazia
​’Seasons of War’ – a play inspired by Israel’s 70 years of existence, which reflects on the tension between the aesthetic and the combat situation.
Performance at 12:00
Admission free
18 Mesilat Yesharim St., Tel: 02-6795623

Machol Shalem – Rhino Hall
​Dancing 70 – 2 shows by the Machol Shalem dance ensemble: Amphibian for the whole family at 14:00, Dance of the Nation, premiere, new and select dance sketches together with film clips of the Zionist enterprise at 16:30
Canada House, 22 Shivtei Yisrael St.
Admission free
Advance registration only: 053-3358210

Independence Events at the Cultural Institutions and Museums

Agnon House
​A literary celebration of Hebrew illustrated books by activities and words
10:00 Dramatized tours
12:00 Meet up with author Nurit Zarchi and illustrator Hilla Havkin
13:00 Illustration and comics workshops for children and adults
13:30 “ChaChamim Balaila” – illustrated theatre for children
Open from 10:00–15:00
Admission free
16 Klauzner St, Tel: 02-6714876

Bible Lands Museum
​”Bible Lands Start-Up” 6 family tours from 10:15–13:00
Sing along with Sarale Sharon 11:00-12:30
Exhibition – Gods, Heroes and Mortals
Open from 10:00-14:00
Admission free
21 Stephan Weiz St., Tel: 02-5611066

The Shrine of Solomon Museum
​70 Years Between Dream and Reality
Guided tour on the rooftop and a dramatized tour of the Museum by the Elul Theater
Admission free
58 King George St., Tel: 02-5889000

Bloomfield Science Museum
​Simply Cardboard – Thinking Inside the Box
Exhibition of extraordinary large cardboard art pieces, cardboard workshops for kids, ‘Cartonela’- a show – and 3D movie ‘Nature Sky’
Open from 10:00-18:00, entrance fee NIS 10. Admission free for children under 6, charge for movie NIS 5.
Givat Ram, Tel’ number 02-6544888

Old Yishuv Court Museum
​Live Theater – Blues for the men in Blue, about cops and robbers among the walls of Jerusalem
Interactive game for the whole family
Guided tours of the exhibitions on the hour from 10:00-15:00
Admission free
6 Or HaChaim St., The Jewish Quarter, Tel: 02-6276319

Museum of Italian Jewish Art
​Emerge from Italy into a game in the alleyways of Jerusalem, to discover the works of the people after which the streets around the Museum were named.
Open from 9:00-16:00
Admission free
25 Hillel St., Tel: 02-6241610

Ammunition Hill
​Fun for the whole family, guided tours, audiovisual show, heritage films and an exhibition of the paratroopers’ reconnaissance battalion.
Open from 10:00–15:00
Admission freeZalman Shragai St., Tel: *2967

Tower of David Museum
​70 years of independence in the Tower of David. Instructive stations, games involving the country’s symbol, the symbol of Jerusalem and other main sites and symbols of the city.
Open from 10:00-16:00
16:00-17:30 “Al Haderech’ – a musical by Yair Lehman.
Admission free
Jaffa Gate, Tel: number *2884

Independence Day Eve in the Neighborhoods, Wednesday April 18th

Givat Mordechai
​18:45 – Givat Mordechai at the Mamad School on Aviad St. from 18:45
Memorial Day closing ceremony, festive Independence Day prayers, Musa Berlin and his Orchestra, a show for children, an artist for adults. 22:30 – fireworks.

​20:30 – Yuvelim at Denia Park
Independence celebration with local bands, Avi Toby and Margalit Tzan’ani
23:00 – fireworks
Admission free

Kiryat Moshe
​Kiryat Moshe – Givat Shaul: Ross House HaRav Maimon St. from 20:00
Festive Hallel prayers, Yishai Revivo, a play for the children, Shir Hadash orchestra
Fireworks at 21:30, 23:00

French Hill
French Hill at the Community Administration garden from 20:00
Independence on the lawn, a communal picnic with amusement park facilities, “Gazoz Veneshira”
Fireworks at 21:30

Har Homa
​Har Homa Esther Raziel St. (Superpharm Square) from 20:30
Unique activities for the whole family: Karaoke van, glittery body paintings, inflatable bounce houses, a magician, a balloon artist, juggling and more.
Fireworks at 22:00

Talpiot Mizrach
​East Talpiot – Haas Promenade Armon HaNatziv from 20:30
Happening area for kids: Circus, street sculpturing, fun sports, inflatable bounce houses and more.
Fireworks at 22:00

​Gilo – Zeidenberg Park, from 20:30
Local dance groups, “Eve and Lir”, performance by singer Etti Levi, Moshik Afia, DJ Eden Meiri
Fireworks at 23:30
Admission free

​Baka – at the sports field, Derech Beit Lechem 117 from 20:30
Local ensembles, stands, Greek tavern with singer Idan Sela and his orchestra
Fireworks at 23:00

Ramot Alon Community Center
Ramot Alon – at the Community Administration garden from 20:30
Independence celebration with games with prizes, play area of inflatable toys,, karaoke, DJ, barbeque, and more

Pisgat Ze’ev Community Center
​Pisgat Ze’ev (north of the city) at the events square, Yitzhak Tunik St. from 21:00
Independence celebrations with ‘Muza’ dance ensemble, play area of inflatable toys, DJ Elad Galili, Margalit Tzanani, Or Ben-Atar
*Fireworks at 22:30


Dancing on the 5th of Iyar 5th and welcoming the Shabbat – Safra Square

Festive, public dancing with guest bands and singers.

The public is invited free of charge