Photo Credit: Arie Leib Abrams / Flash 90
Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert at a protest against the judicial reform, outside the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem. February 13, 2023.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert – who served 16 months in prison after being convicted of fraud and bribery – has bluntly called for an open civil war in the Jewish State over the judicial reforms planned by the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


Speaking in an interview with during a large demonstration on Monday (Feb. 13, 2022) in front of the Knesset, Olmert said that it’s “good to see 100,000 people, but that’s not what will lead the real fight. The real struggle will break through these boundaries and enter into a real war.”

Olmert went on to say that Israel is “facing a real war. These events, the demonstrations that I go to on Saturday nights and today’s protest, are the preliminary stage before the beginning of the real protest that will eventually break out with strong force, that will trample the fences that are placed on it today, and this should be understood.”

Speeches, he said, do not offer anything new and therefore have no impact.

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“This change will not take place with the help of speeches, the kind that are given here, which are all worthy speeches given by good people – people who care and people who are in pain. But you have to understand, there is not a person here who does not understand the meaning of the changes that the government is trying to bring about.

“There is really no need to explain anything because everyone already understands everything,” he said.

“What is needed is to move to the next stage – the stage of war. War is not waged with speeches. War is waged in a face-to-face battle, head-to-head and hand-to-hand – and that is what will happen here,” Olmert declared.

The Likud party has submitted a police complaint against the former prime minister. Nevertheless, despite how his remarks clearly sounded, latest reports indicate that Olmert will not even be investigated for sedition, or for calling for an insurrection.

It’s ironic that Olmert is out there trying to lead the charge against the Netanyahu government for a decision the woke left considers a threat to its unbridled ability to strike down whichever laws the movement finds unpalatable.

Olmert fought for political survival as a prime minister in the wake of the 2006 Second Lebanon War — when the Winograd Report found “severe failures” in the decisions by his government — and following multiple charges of corruption that were eventually substantiated and led to his conviction.

Mass anti-government demonstrations in Tel Aviv – that bastion of the woke left – called for Olmert’s dismissal in May 2007, as did his own foreign minister at the time, Tzipi Livni, herself a committed leftist.


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