Photo Credit: RAMS
Temple Mount Terror Attack. July 14, 2017

A terror attack on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem’s has left multiple dead and wounded. The attack happened at 7:12 AM on Friday.

Four Border Policemen were shot and wounded by the terrorists.


Two of the policemen are in critical condition (and have since died). A third is moderately wounded and another is lightly wounded.

A paramedic, Aharon Adler, was lightly injured in the leg by a ricochet as he was treating a wounded policeman.

Three terrorist have been neutralized by Border Policemen. The three terrorists have been tentatively identified as Israeli-Arabs from Um El Fahm and reportedly tied to the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement.

POLICE UPDATE 8:00 AM: Police report that three armed terrorists went to the Temple Mount, and when they approached one of the gates [near the Lions Gate], they began shooting at the police. The terrorists ran into the Temple Mount and the police chased after them. Three terrorists were neutralized.

The terrorists were armed with two Carl Gustav machine guns and a pistol. There are a number of wounded in the area.

Guns used in the Temple Mount terror attack. July 14, 2017

Entrances to the Temple Mount have been closed, and the Temple Mount is being evacuated.

The Temple Mount will be closed today.

A video appears to show the “neutralized” terrorists getting up and the attack continued.

Additional videos of the Temple Mount Terror Attack