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Anti-Semitic attack in Brooklyn, May 24, 2021.

The Maryland-based Jewish Institute for Liberal Values on Wednesday issued a white paper on the role of Critical Social Justice Ideology in supporting and encouraging anti-Semitism (Critical Social Justice Ideology and Antisemitism), suggesting anti-Semitism is a reliable consequence of Critical Social Justice (CSJ) ideology, which encompasses Critical Race Theory.”

According to the white paper, “CSJ propagates anti-Semitism,” and “even though many of those who advance the ideology do not intend to participate in or advance anti-Semitism, the rapid proliferation of this ideology portends an increase in anti-Semitism.”


“While there are differing perspectives within CSJ, the more radical and anti-Jewish ideas are not being held in check and there is evidence that the more extreme versions are gaining ground and influencing public discourse,” the document concludes. “To be clear, we are not discounting that racism exists and needs to be addressed; rather, we are concerned about how this particular ideology is in practice enabling new forms of anti-Semitism.”

The six popular notions of Critical Social Justice that lead directly to anti-Semitism:

The six popular notions of Critical Social Justice that lead directly to anti-Semitism. / Jewish Institute for Liberal Values

“We believe it is impossible to contain the anti-Semitism emerging from CSJ without rejecting the imposition of CSJ,” the white paper authors say. “As long as CSJ grows, so too will anti-Semitism, and combating anti-Semitism will be like a game of whack-a-mole. While we applaud those who try to address specific acts of anti-Semitism from within the CSJ framework, ultimately we believe such efforts will fail to contain a problem with such deep ideological roots. We, therefore, propose more general strategies.”


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