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Gantz on the Left, Bibi to the Right

Amit Segal was the first to report what has now been reported by all the media, Israel will have a center-right-religious unity government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and joined by Benny Gantz as Foreign Minister (or possibly as Defense Minister).

The Blue&White party has already collapsed and split up. Yair Lapid is going to head the Opposition. Reports are that within his party, they are openly cursing Benny Gantz.


The coalition will consist of 78 MKs.

  • 58 members from the Rightwing bloc.
  • 3 from Labor,
  • 17 from Gantz’s Hosen (Resilience) faction in Blue&White, along with Telem’s Tzvika Hauser and Yoaz Hendel (it seems that Yaalon is not joining Gantz),
  • Possibly Orly Levy.

The following is the distribution of seats so far, and subject to change:

  • Justice Minister: Hili Tropper
  • Speaker: alternating between Hosen and Likud, switching in Sept. 2021.
  • Internal Security: Likud
  • Defense: Ashkenazi (or Gantz)
  • Foreign and Deputy Prime Minister: Gantz, switching in September 2021.
    Alternatively, Asheknazi will get the Foreign Ministry position.
  • Finance: Likud

Naftali Bennett may be appointed as Education Minister again. Bennett denies it.

There will be veto power for both sides on Justice, Culture and Internal Security issues.

Head of Opposition: Yair Lapid.

Avigdor Liberman will also be in the opposition.

Until the government is officially formed, Benny Gantz has been appointed the Knesset Speaker, after which the position will be returned the Likud.


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