Photo Credit: Police Spokesperson
MDA medic with the newborn baby, August 4, 2022.

A few days old baby was found alive on Thursday in a cardboard box in the old city of Acco. The police called welfare officials to the scene and the baby was taken to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya for further treatment with the umbilical cord still attached to him.

According to the Acco municipality, the tiny baby was brought to the police station in Acco in a cardboard box that was found by citizens on the street near the Museum of Underground Prisoners in the Old City. United Hatzalah medic Shimon Hatuel was first on the scene and checked the baby in the arms of a policewoman. A short while later, an MDA team examined the baby, and transferred him to the Nahariya hospital.

United Hatzalah medic Shimon Hatuel was first on the scene and checked the baby in the arms of a policewoman. / Image shot by a policeman on the scene and published by Israel Hayom

The baby’s condition is normal, he is conscious and was transferred to the preterm ward, where he undergoes tests and assessments. The police opened an investigation.

“The security department at the municipality is currently scanning the security cameras in order to track down those who threw the baby away,” the city spokesperson said.

Jad Bahu from Acco told Ynet that he was sitting in his car with his three daughters on Hagana Street, when a passer-by called out to him.

“I saw a cardboard box and when I looked inside, I saw the baby,” Bahu recalled. “At first he slept. I wanted to see how he was doing and put my hand on him, then he woke up and started crying. I called the police and the MDA, and they came and took the baby. It was just shocking. My heart is still pounding, and my daughters are still crying. I don’t remember such a terrible thing in the history of Acco.”

According to the director of the preterm ward at the Galilee Medical Center, Dr. Vered Fleischer-Schafer, the baby is two to three days old. “The baby was brought in in good condition, fully clothed and conscious, with normal body temperature,” she told Ynet. “Based on his blood sugar, he appears to have been fed. Since we don’t know anything about his mother or the length of pregnancy, we are conducting tests, which at the moment seem normal,” she said.


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