Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

Israel’s Channel 20 TV news claims that the cost for all the investigations against Prime Minister Netanyahu, which still haven’t found a smoking gun, much less a definite crime, have so far cost the police somewhere in the range of a quarter-billion shekels (approximately 75 million dollars).

The police responded angrily to the report, claiming their was no basis for Channel 20’s number, and said the budget for the entire police department is 11 billion shekels (JP: It’s actually closer to 12.6 billion shekels, according to the Ministry of Finance).


The police angrily continued and said the report was a ridiculous attempt to blacken the face of the law enforcement system, and the police do not attach a price tag to investigating the truth and carrying out its role in investigating criminal offenses.

They mentioned that it goes without saying that all the investigation activities in these cases were carried out, without exception, with the assistance of the State Attorney’s Office and under the supervision of the Legal Advisor.

The only thing the police did not say in their fuming response to Channel 20, was how much they actually spent on the investigation so far.

You simply can’t put a price on justice.