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Special Ed kindergarten in Ra'anana (illustration image).

Last Tuesday, the parents of children with special needs who attend a special-ed kindergarten in Ra’anana, Israel, received a message from their teacher: “One of the staff members was diagnosed as verified, all the children should be moved to isolation,” Yedioth Aharonoth reported on Sunday (תלונה במשטרה: מתנגדת חיסונים אחראית להדבקה המונית בגן ילדים), noting that only after the Corona had erupted in this kindergarten did the parents discover that one of the mothers had been sick for several days – but her children kept coming to school.

According to one of the mothers on the kindergarten parents’ WhatsApp group, “a mother who has twins in our kindergarten wrote in the parents’ group: ‘I don’t intend to put my children in isolation or test them. Not participating in this madness. Apologies.’ Her ex, who is also in the group, replied: ‘We will do what’s necessary,’ to which she replied, ‘Do what’s necessary. I will not throw them away to be at mother’s.'”


And then came the amazing moment, when the ex replied, “Speedy healing. I hope you recover from the Corona,” following which the angry mother left the WhatsApp group.

The next day, when the tests returned, the parents were informed that many of the special-ed kindergarten children were sick with the Corona.

A poster depiction of Typhoid Mary, June 20, 1909. / Wikimedia

“We ran the messages again and realized that she was the one who infected everyone,” the mother told Yedioth. “We went into her Facebook page and found out that she had clearly written there that she had been ill since the ninth of August. Despite this, she sent her twins to kindergarten. They are also among the verified patients, of course.”

According to the Facebook post, this Ra’anana Typhoid Mary was very upset because she had been infected by a senior employee of a local HMO, who became sick despite her two doses of the vaccine. This injustice, whereby a woman who is in charge of a local health provider is walking around free and infecting others, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The Facebook post is a tirade against the tyranny of the vaccine cabal, whom she calls “a band of psychopath liars.” She concludes (after embarrassing allusions to the death camps and tattooed arms): “I will recover and I’ll get through this. I’ll take care of myself alone at home. And I’ll never dare receive your death injections. You won’t kill us so fast. Guaranteed.”

One father told Yedioth: “We didn’t go to bed all night out of sadness and anger. More than we cared about the children, we cared about the staff. There are very old people there and a pregnant woman. Throughout the Corona outbreak, they worked for the children because these children must have a routine. It’s a kindergarten without masks because of its uniqueness. There’s no distance, and they—the staff members—agreed to take a risk. They’re a team of angels. They were hurt very badly. They can’t believe that after everything they had given the children, that’s their payback.”

There have been incidents with the same mother before, this father said. “Even during the first lockdown, she would come to kindergarten without a mask even though they asked the parents to come with masks. She is the most extreme there is. She ignored the rules even though she was constantly reprimanded.”

Yedioth contacted the offending mother, who responded: “My children are part of an experiment with vaccines that drug companies have done here. That’s why everyone suffers from autism. This is true of all the children in this kindergarten.”

She also denied having any connection to the outbreak at the special-ed facility, and ranted: “This nation has become a nation of informers.”


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