Photo Credit: Pixabay

One year after national Bnei Akiva movement leader Rabbi Haim Druckman zt”l passed away, the rabbi’s wife, Rabanit Sara Druckman, followed him on Tuesday morning, passing away in her home.

Rabanit Sara Druckman was a family doctor; she and Rabbi Druckman, who also served as head of the Ohr Etzion yeshiva and was president of its institutions, as well as rabbi of the Shapira Center, were parents to nine children, including one who was adopted.


“The Bnei Akiva movement bows its head and mourns the passing of Rabanit Dr. Sara Druckman, who was a faithful partner in leading the movement,” Bnei Akiva said in a statement.

“The Rabanit opened her home to every student and community member and every member of the movement … We say goodbye to her with pain and sorrow.”


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