Photo Credit: IDF
IDF reservists

Habayit Hayehudi MK Nissan Slomiansky on Sunday submitted a bill giving IDF reservists a preference in being hired for government jobs, Kippa reported.

Slomiansky bill states that the basket of benefits for reservists that was recently passed by the Knesset “is a welcome step but a ‘drop in the ocean’ compared to the level of personal, family and employment costs endured by the reservists.”


The recent benefits hike includes an increase in tax exemption points, a reduction in municipal property taxes, and a preference in tenders where reserve service is to be considered management experience.

Reserve service is mandatory in Israel, but the actual percentage of IDF veterans who serve in the reserves has dwindled significantly over the years, nowadays consisting mainly of combat unit veterans. In 2015, only about 26% of the population eligible for reserve duty had an active reserve status – meaning they served at least 20 days over the previous three years. This has led to many expressions of frustration and resentment among IDF reservists.

The new bill states that “a person who serves the state and sacrifices his comfort for her sake must be awarded a significant advantage. The proposed amendment will allow a higher-quality benefit for reserve soldiers and will provide a certain advantage in civil service by the state—which the reserve soldier serves faithfully.”

MK Slomiansky said that he hopes “this bill will also affect the private sector in giving priority in hiring” to active reservists.

The sad fact is that the private sector often avoids hiring active reservists because they are likely to miss as much as a full month from work each year, while drawing their salary – that’s when they go out to serve in the reserves.