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Israeli carrier El Al issued a statement saying it decided to compensate all 400 passengers who were on the Friday flight from New York to Israel with a round trip ticket to… Europe. In addition, the company claimed that it did not harm the ultra-Orthodox public.

El Al’s statement said: “Regarding the November 15 flight from New York to Tel Aviv, the company sees fit to clarify again, as stated in a press release on November 19, that it did not blame the secular, religious or ultra-Orthodox public for the reported incidents.


“No other relevant publication had the consent of EL AL. El Al does not take note of its customers’ affiliation to any sector, gender or nationality. The EL AL management backs up and appreciates the air and ground crew members who operated on this flight in an admirable manner.

“El Al decided to grant a round-trip flight to Europe for all 400 passengers in view of the inconvenience caused to the company’s customers.”


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