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IDF soldiers near Maaleh Nevona in Binyamin, April 8, 2015.

The IDF on Wednesday fired the security coordinator of the Shiloh outposts in Binyamin, Kan 11 reported. The coordinator was told that he “makes it difficult for the Jewish section of the Shin Bet and the police to combat nationalist crime in the area and cooperates with the hilltop youth.”

The decision to sack him was made by the commander of the IDF Judea and Samaria Division and the commander of the Binyamin Brigade, on the recommendation of the Shin Bet, without any civilian leadership input.


Hilltop Youth (No’ar HaGva’ot) are hardline, national religious youth who establish outposts in Judea and Samaria without official government sanction and are known to engage in confrontations with neighboring Arabs. Some have suggested that since many of them are married, the name should be changed to hilltop couples and their children.

“The Division for Countering Terrorism and Political Subversion among Israelis and Foreigners,”, a.k.a. the “Jewish Section,” also deals with investigating “Jewish terrorism.” The section often uses torture in interrogating suspects, as well as long-term isolation without access to an attorney (more than three weeks in some cases).

We hope that when Otzma Yehudit Chairman Itamar Ben Gvir takes over as Internal Security Minister, he’ll take steps to eliminate the Jewish Section.

Incidentally, the name “Jewish Section” harkens to the early years of the Soviet Union, when the Communist party featured the notorious Yevsektsiya (literally “Jewish Section”), the whose stated mission was the “destruction of traditional Jewish life, the Zionist movement, and Hebrew culture.”

So, about the same.

Friends of the sacked security coordinator said they were “shocked to receive the news.” According to them, “Our security coordinator is a highly valued person, level-headed and moderate, who fulfills a sensitive and complex role with great devotion.”

The friends added: “Unfortunately, the head of the police Judea and Samaria precinct is acting like a bull in a china shop, without coordination with the civilian leadership and without a broad and comprehensive vision.”

They added that they “believe there will be a discussion of the issue today and hope the dismissal will be off the table.”

Update: Following a meeting between the IDF Division commander, representatives of the Binyamin regional council and the Ravshatz it was decided to delay the dismissal of the Ravshatz, at least until the end of December. During that period the IDF, the council and the Ravshatz will hold a discussion and coordinate expectations of the position.


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