Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz
Rocket crossing!

9:05 AM The rocket alert siren went off in the Ashkelon Beach region on Monday at 9:05 AM.

When the alarm goes off, residents and schoolchilden in the alerted areas must stop everything and run to the nearest bomb shelter.


The IDF is checking if any projectiles landed in Israel, or if it was a false alarm (which includes a launch that failed to cross over from Gaza).

9:16 AM – No landing spot has been located yet within Israeli territory. No damage or injuries have been reported.

9:24 AM – The IDF says that it appears that a projectile from Gaza landed in an open area, inside Israel. Searches are ongoing for the exact landing spot.

9:38 AM: On they are hinting that while the rocket didn’t hit anything where it landed, it wasn’t exactly an “open area”.

9:52 AM Unconfirmed reports that IDF tanks have returned fire.

10:03 AM The IDF confirms that an IDF tank returned fire and destroyed a Hamas position in Gaza.


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