Photo Credit: Ohr Torah Stone
Rabbi Riskin

Rabbi Riskin, the Chief Rabbi of Efrat, has issued instructions to his town, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, based on the Israeli government’s current guidelines. He also announced that he is personally in quarantine, and that he feels fine.

The full document (in Hebrew) is at the bottom of the page.


Among his instructions are:

– Absolutely no one is to gather in groups of larger than 100 people, or where people can’t keep a distance of 2 meters from one another. It is better there be a lot of small minyanim than big ones, and don’t sit near anyone either way.

– Anyone over 70 should not daven (pray) with a minyan. Nor should anyone with a respiratory illness. They should read the weekly Torah portion from a Chumash.

– It is forbidden to hold a public Kiddush. Nor to hold events in one’s home where it will be crowded.

– Be very careful about personal hygiene, and wash your hands regularly.

– Do not shake hands. Do not hug anyone.

Rabbi Riskin’s Coronavirus instructions for Efrat. March 13, 2020