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A demonstration against the rioting in the mixed cities, Jerusalem, May 15, 2021.

The Israel Defense and Security Forum (ISDF) / HaBithonistim, an Israeli movement established in 2020 by retired senior members of the defense establishment (IDF, Shin Bet, Mossad, and Israel Police), on Monday released the results of a survey they conducted on the anniversary of the 2021 Operation Guardian of the Walls (ערביי ישראל: ליהודים אין זכות בארץ), showing, among other things, that only 25% of Israeli Arabs believe that the Jewish people have a right to sovereignty in the Land of Israel, and a considerable majority – about 75% – believe that the Jewish people do not have such a right.

The survey, which examined the feelings of Israelis regarding security and governance, was conducted among a sample of 1,068 people, Jews and Arabs.


On the Jewish side, 69% expressed concern about the fate of the state, and 67% believe that firearms and fines should be used to prevent riots and frictions involving Jews and Arabs. 72% of Jewish respondents endorsed using aggressive means to disperse riots, as well as revoking civil rights and state funds (70%).

The vast majority of Israelis – 66% – have no faith in the police. Among Arabs, this figure stands at 73%.

When Arab respondents were asked what they would do should Israel be attacked by Arab countries, 23% said they would support the attackers, while 26% said they would support the Israeli side. Meanwhile, 51% admitted they would stand on the sidelines and not support either side.

Asked for their view on the recently proposed National Guard, which would fill the gaps left uncovered by the existing security apparatus, 66% of overall respondents supported the initiative. But only 44% of Arab respondents liked the idea. At the same time, 37% of Israeli Arabs would enlist in such a National Guard should it be established. Among Jews, 54% would join.

As to media coverage of violence in the mixed cities and in Judea and Samaria, 70% of the Jews believe the media coverage is pro-Arab – as do 33% of Arab respondents.

On its website, HaBithonistim state: “Our vision includes the establishment of a Zionist, security-based institution whose aim is to ensure that Israel’s safety is always positioned at the head of the list of national priorities, in order to ensure the freedom and sovereignty of the Jewish people in their homeland, for future generations. In order to fulfil this vision, we are building a broad-based movement, led by senior commanders from all branches of the armed forces, which will work to keep Israeli policy focused on its security, making sure the right voices are heard by both the Israeli public and its decision makers.”

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