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According to PitchBook’s annual university rankings, 814 entrepreneurs with bachelor’s degrees from TAU have established 677 companies and raised investments totaling $26.5 billion – bringing TAU to 7th place in the world and 1st place outside the US in PitchBook’s ranking.

PitchBook’s annual university rankings compare schools by tallying up the number of alumni entrepreneurs who have founded venture capital-backed companies. The undergraduate and graduate rankings are powered by PitchBook data and are based on an analysis of more than 144,000 VC-backed founders.


Stanford-educated founders top both the undergraduate and graduate lists. UC Berkeley is in second place for undergraduates, and Harvard was second in graduate programs. MIT ranks in the top four for undergraduate and graduate school rankings.

Outside the US, Tel Aviv University, Cambridge, and Oxford made the top 10 list. The Technion was ranked in 15th place, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem 31st, and Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva 45th.

TAU alumni noted by the PitchBook ranking include Generate ($3.3B), Fireblocks ($1.2B), Trax ($1.1B), Varo ($992M), and Celsius ($948M).

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TAU’s President Prof. Ariel Porat said: “The credit for this enormous success goes to our alumni, first and foremost, but TAU also does its best to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in its students. It is no coincidence that we have a superb Entrepreneurship Center on campus, expected to grow even further in the next few years, and to equip TAU students from the exact sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities with the tools and motivation that are so essential for entrepreneurial endeavors in all areas, both technological and social.”

Prof. Moshe Zviran, Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at TAU, said: “TAU continues to establish itself as Israel’s main entrepreneurial university and a world leader in producing entrepreneurs who found companies, raise venture capital, and boost Israel’s economy. TAU’s climb to 7th place in the PitchBook rankings is one more indicator of the high quality of our alumni, as well as the contribution of the entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus that proactively promotes this approach among both students and faculty.”



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