Photo Credit: MDA Spokesperson
Tefillin stands set up in MDA stations throughout Israel

Last week, MDA began a unique project in which many teffilin stands were set up in its stations around the country, available to employees and volunteers.

The project was initiated by Rabbi Yonatan Spitzer, an ambulance driver and EMT, and director of the MDA Chabad House, who established the new stands with the help of Rabbi Yosef Nachshon from the “Soldiers in Love” project.


The initial stands were placed at the MDA stations in Kiryat Ono, Jerusalem, Afula, Tiberias, Rishon Lezion, Netanya, Acre, Ashdod, and Beer-Sheva. In light of the high demand for the tefillin, the organization is working to expand the number of stands throughout the country soon.

Tefillin stands set up in MDA stations throughout Israel. / MDA Spokesperson

Rabbi Spitzer said: “The goal of the project is to create a nice location for the tefillin and give dedicated volunteers and employees a comfortable and worthwhile opportunity to pray. I thank the MDA Director-General Eli Bin who gave the green light for the project. We will commission tefillin stands at other stations around the country. We are already seeing an increase in demand and we are receiving requests from other stations to set up stations there. This is a great privilege that has fallen to us.”

MDA Director-General Bin said: “I congratulate Rabbi Yonatan Spitzer and his partners in this project and thank the donor for his contribution and his labor to bring us together and make the Tefillin accessible to our employees and volunteers. Chabad has been wonderful spreading love and support to the organization. I thank Rabbi Nachshon for his hard work on the project.”


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