Photo Credit: courtesy, Beyadenu
Beyadenu guide Roei Zaga in the Old City of Jerusalem, being detained by an officer from Israel Police, Sept. 30, 2022

Roei Zaga, a guide from the Beyadenu (Temple Mount is in Our Hands) organization was arrested Friday by Israel Police in the compound of the sacred site, the fourth guide of the organization to be taken into custody.

Temple Mount in Our Hands? Maybe Not.


Police claimed Zaga was prostrating on the Mount, and thus disturbing the peace, the organization said in a statement Saturday night.

Zaga denied having prostrated and “disturbed the peace.” Nevertheless, his cellphone was confiscated and he was taken to the police station for investigation, the organization said.

The guide was the 34th Jew to be arrested in September on the Temple Mount. His arrest followed the detentions of Avi Kugel, Eliassaf Ofan, and Ariel Guggenheim. All were arrested and banned from the site for various periods by police.

“The government and its agent, the police, are trying their hardest to cancel the changes and achievements we made on the Temple Mount, and are now trying to, de facto, prevent the ascenders from receiving guidance from the only organization providing such services,” Tom Nisani, CEO of Beyadenu said.

“We will fight with all the tools at our disposal, and I am calling on the public to support us during these difficult times.”

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