Photo Credit: TPS
Emanuel Brosh blows a shofar near the walls of the Temple Mount.

Is the Temple Mount really in the hands of Israel, or did the Jewish State hand over its sovereignty to Jordan’s Hashemite monarchy? Israel Police seem to be working to ensure Jordan maintains its tight grip over Judaism’s holiest site.


Israeli authorities detained three Jewish men on Sunday for questioning on suspicion of blowing a shofar outside the walls of the Temple Mount.

Among the detainees was former Knesset member Yehuda Glick, along with Emanuel Brosh and Tom Nissani, head of the “Temple Mount is in Our Hands” organization.

The three men are accused of committing provocation and violating public order near the East Gate of the Temple Mount, according to TPS.

The detainees were brought to the Kishala police station for questioning.

The detentions came in the wake of concrete warnings that terrorist groups are planning to incite violence in the mosques on the Temple Mount.

Last week, Prime Minister Yair Lapid held a security assessment to discuss the alerts ahead of the upcoming High Holy Days, according to Israel’s KAN News public broadcaster.

50,000 Jewish Visits: Record Numbers Visit Temple Mount in 5782

Last month the number of Jews who have ascended the Temple Mount topped a total of 50,000 since last Rosh Hashana – a record. Not since the Temple Mount stood in Jerusalem has the sacred site seen so many Jewish visitors.

Jordanian Waqf Continues Desecration of Temple Mount

But that didn’t stop the Jordanian Islamic Waqf Authority in charge of the Temple Mount compound from continuing its desecration of the sacred site. Visitors to the Temple Mount witnessed a garbage truck dumping its load last month near the site believed to be that of the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple that once stood.

Videos filmed by visitors showed a number of vehicles committing these acts, without any supervision or protection of the holy places from the side of the State of Israel,” Nisani said at the time.

During its 19-year occupation of eastern Jerusalem, the government of Jordan banned Jewish visitors and regularly dumped garbage and trash on another of Judaism’s holiest sites — the Western Wall.


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