Photo Credit: courtesy Jerusalem Biennale
Balfour at 100, artist Ruth Schreiber

The Jerusalem Biennale exhibition entitled Balfour at 100, featuring the artwork of three British artists, will be temporarily re-sited from its location in the Museum of Underground Prisoners into the Knesset to coincide with the various activities taking place there, including the conference on the occasion of the Balfour Centennial on Tuesday, November 7.

The exhibition includes the original painting and explanation by British artist Beverley-Jane Stewart, a video installation by British-Israeli artist Ruth Schreiber and a sketch relating to the installation by British artist Jacqueline Nicholls (unfortunately due to lack of space, the installation itself cannot be exhibited in the Knesset).


Jerusalem Biennale founder and curator of the Balfour at 100 exhibition Rami Ozeri points out that the exhibition is a unique example of what the Jerusalem Biennale sets out to achieve: “The exhibition allows the artists to take part in the discourse about this important event and its relevance for our life today. The title of the Biennale this year is Watershed, and one cannot really find a better example for a watershed moment in recent Jewish History than the Balfour Declaration. It is a great honor for the Jerusalem Biennale and for the participating artists to be hosted in the Knesset and to be able to add one more layer to the discussion – a layer of Contemporary Jewish Art.


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