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Tnuva kosher mehadrin sweet butter

Israel’s mammoth Tnuva food company announced Monday that it plans to will increase the price of most of its dairy products and milk substitutes by up to 4.9 percent.

The price increase is to take effect starting November 22.


But the company will not be able to carry out its plan at Israel’s largest supermarket chain – Shufersal – which has announced it will not accept the new price list.

A similar move was made by Tara dairy, increasing the prices of its non-supervised products as well in recent days – and Shufersal is not stocking those products either. Other chains have accepted the price increase for various reasons.

This means a major section of the Shufersal dairy case may be empty by next week – or filled with other, more affordable products.

This means that all salted cheeses (ie: Piraeus), yellow cheeses such as Emek, Gilboa and Gush Halav; butter, various special cheeses (ie: Camembert), yogurts and dairy puddings such as Carlo, Buddy and Yolo will not be available in Shufersal – and more expensive elsewhere.

Some soy drinks, oat milk drinks, tofu products, cheese substitutes, yogurt substitutes and various delicacies will also be on that list.

According to a statement issued by Tnuva, the price increases are due to “the sharp increase in the price of raw milk, which has risen since 2019 by approximately NIS 0.49 per liter, which means an increase of approximately NIS 400 million in costs for Tnuva. . .This is a proportional increase,” the company said.

The company added that the price of several of its products will remain the same.

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