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NYPD officer boards a United Airlines flight that re-landed with 2 unruly Israeli passengers, Jan. 21, 2022.

Two Israeli passengers rioted after the United Airlines crew asked them to present proof that they were sitting in the right seats on a Friday morning flight that left New York on its way to Ben Gurion, News12 reported (ישראלים התפרעו על טיסה – הטייסת החליטה לחזור לניו יורק). In response to the commotion, the pilot informed the passengers on board that she was taking the plane back to the United States.


Journalist Roy Lotan who was on the same flight reported: “We landed back in New York after we had already left for Israel. After an hour and a half [in the air], a commotion broke out on the plane between two passengers and the flight attendants. They sat down in the business class and when asked to show their tickets they didn’t.”

Lotan, who pointed out that the passengers were Israelis, explained that the flight was half empty because of the Corona, and so they figured, why not upgrade to Business.

After they were challenged regarding their tickets, the two Israelis began to riot, Lotan reported, adding, “There was a commotion and the Captain decided to return the flight, so we went back to New York and are being evacuated.”

We checked the UA Twitter account for a response but this is all we found:

In November 2021, a United Airlines passenger was ejected from a flight to California threatening a flight attendant and other passengers. Witnesses say the man became agitated after being asked to wear his mask, and video of the incident shows him threatening both a flight attendant and another man who was wearing a badge.

“Mind your business. Mind your business. Because I will break your neck,” the passenger told the man with the badge.

The unruly passenger in this report was not Israeli.


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