Photo Credit: Screenshot from Kan 11
A bull ran away from its owner and entered the office complex of Bank Leumi in Lod, August 22, 2022.

A bull that ran away Monday morning from its owner entered the office complex of Bank Leumi in Lod and began to run amok in panic. The owner, a resident of the city, arrived at the scene and managed to catch the frustrated and angry bull after many efforts.


In the numerous online videos, the bull is seen running inside the bank and rampaging in the parking lot after leaving the building (not unlike other Israeli bank customers these days). There were no casualties in the incident, and the municipal veterinarian arrived on the scene in case the bull got loose again.

This particular sprawling Bank Leumi office is laid out like a maze, and this bullish situation reminded us of the mythical Greek Minotaur, who who was trapped in the labyrinth in Crete.

Bank Leumi issued a statement saying: “In the early morning hours, a bull entered one of the office buildings of Bank Leumi in Lod. It was caught and led out of the compound. At the same time, the case was reported to the local authority and the veterinary service in the city asking that they handle the incident. There were no casualties and no damage was caused.”

Excluding’ perhaps, the emotional repercussions of the poor bull.


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