Photo Credit: JCRC / YouTube screengrab
Celebrate Israel Parade 2024 marching down Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, June 2, 2024

Live from New York, invites our readers to join us virtually at this year’s Celebrate Israel Parade, sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council of NYC. It was, however, more of a march than a parade, as the anchors emphasized repeatedly.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a regular at the Celebrate Israel Parade, told reporters during the event, “Our message is extremely clear – destroy Hamas. Bring home the hostages.


“The loudest is not the majority in this city. The majority of people support the Jewish community here, they support destroying and removing hate out of our city.”

Here’s another way to watch:

The parade this year was protected with heightened security as it focused on solidarity with Israel’s Iron Swords War in Gaza.

Due to the serious situation, marching bands were not included in the year’s lineup.

Nevertheless, more than 40,000 participants marched down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in support of the State of Israel, the Jewish community’s bond with fellow Jews across the ocean, while calling to bring our hostages home.

Be there — or watch right here!

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