Photo Credit: Courtesy of MDA
MDA introducing corona test results in 15-minute, Aug. 6, 2021.

Following a request of the Israeli Health Ministry, starting Sunday, Magen David Adom will activate some 120 rapid COVID-19 test sites that will offer antigen tests to detect the coronavirus.

The test sites will be located in 120 MDA stations and other major centers nationwide, to help Israeli citizens continue their daily routine despite the pandemic.


The rapid tests are intended to support individuals who are required to present a Green Pass to gain entry into various venues but are not vaccinated or recovering from the virus. They will be able to obtain the test result within 15 minutes, and the results will be updated in the Green Pass systems of the Health Ministry and the HMOs.

As part of the project, a person who needs a rapid COVID-19 test will book an appointment by calling *3101, receive a test appointment by auto-voicemail or via a link sent by text message, and will undewrgo the simple test at one of Magen David Adom’s rapid test centers around the country.

According to the health ministry’s guidelines, the tests will be conducted for a fee. The test results will be sent directly to the health ministry, the HMOs, and the tested individual via SMS. The results will be updated in one’s Green Pass app to allow participation in public events. If the test result is positive, the tested person will be required to enter quarantine and perform a standard PCR test through the HMO or at one of the Test and Drive facilities.

MDA Deputy Director-General of Medicine Dr. Rafael Strugo said: “Through the deployment of about 120 testing positions around the country that will be open to the public from morning to evening, it will be possible to perform tens of thousands of rapid tests every day and to receive the results within a quarter of an hour. The accuracy level of these tests is between 85% and 95% and will allow all Israelis to participate, according to the updated Green Pass and most safely, in events, shows, movies, etc. It should be stressed that the rapid tests are intended for a single update of the Green Pass to enable participation in an event, are not intended to diagnose the coronavirus in people with symptoms.”

Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz said: “This move will enable the implementation of the Green Pass regulations, and continue the daily activities as much as possible while maintaining the public health. The quick tests will allow anyone to be tested efficiently, reliably, and in an accessible manner, receive an answer within 15 minutes, and enter any event or complex freely. We understand that the Corona will not disappear soon, and along with the vaccines, the quick tests will enable safer management of life in Israel over time. I would like to thank Magen David Adom and Director-General Eli Bin for their immediate response and cooperation in this important step.”

MDA Director-General Eli Bin said: “Magen David Adom has been at the forefront of the national struggle against the Corona since the first day of the epidemic in Israel, and will continue to fight the virus until the epidemic is eradicated and normal life return.”


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