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Yeshiva University's Mendel Gottesman Library at 2520 Amsterdam Ave. between West 185th and 186th Streets in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, was built in 1967 and designed by Armand Bartos & Assocs.

Yeshiva University is scheduled to launch a hub this month for Israeli startups based in New York City to enable Israeli entrepreneurs access to business infrastructure and access to students among other tools.

The YU Innovation Lab will “host professional workshops and events, fostering economic development and building local community partnerships with the wider NYC tech ecosystem. The synergy between YU students, faculty, Israeli startups and the greater YU network, together with access to NYC business resources and local stakeholders, will create a launching pad for the startups to jump-start in the U.S.,” according to a statement.


This development comes as 20 YU undergraduate students are in Israel to engage the “Start-Up Nation,” including meeting Israeli entrepreneurs.

“One of the foundations of Yeshiva University’s strategic vision moving forward is to continue to build the YU-Israel Superhighway,” said Stephanie Strauss, executive director of YU in Israel. “By bringing students to see these companies and absorb their entrepreneurial energy, we make it easier for our students to envision their own futures in Israel and help them build connections and knowledge to make this future possible.”

Students visited more than 15 startup firms in sectors such as cyber security, medicine, biotech, agrotech, finance and artificial intelligence. They also had the opportunity to visit Facebook and Google. They met YU alumni, including executives at places such as Wix, Vayyar, Hometalk, OurCrowd, Innovation: Africa and Freightos.

The students also heard lectures related to the intersection between Torah and business.

For example, Yehudit Abrams, a former NASA researcher who is now CEO and founder of MonitHer, which produces an at-home hand-held monitor for early detection of breast cancer, addressed the group.

“Being here with the students on my first trip to Israel has enabled me to learn so much about the beliefs and values that bring them here, especially the humanitarian ideas and products that will make our world a better place for so many people,” said Susan Bauer, executive director of the Yeshiva University Career Center. “I believe this trip has increased the likelihood of both current and future students pursuing opportunities in Israel.”


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