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This home in Kibbutz Nir Oz was destroyed by Arab pogromists and its inhabitants were murdered, October 7, 2023.

The commonly accepted version of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel depicts a first wave of well-trained Hamas terrorists who quickly went about murdering Israeli soldiers and civilians and was followed by a wave of irregulars from Gaza eager to share in the killings. This version depicts women and children from the Gaza Strip among the collateral victims of Israel’s counter-attack which is still leveling buildings and terrorist infrastructures up and down the Strip.


But a more accurate version of the massacre is beginning to emerge on social networks, suggesting Arab women and children were among the attackers and partook in murdering Israeli civilians.

Ynet reporter Ofir Hauzman started posting on this phenomenon on Monday: “I talk to mothers from the Gaza envelope who survived the inferno and they tell me that among the terrorists who broke into their homes, there were also children and women,” she tweeted. “One says that the terrorist who was in her house managed to unfold a table, and they all sat down to eat while she (the survivor – DI) put her hand over her little daughter’s mouth so she wouldn’t make any sound. Yes, like in the Holocaust. Another says that they stole all her underwear and clothes, and another says that they defecated on her in the living room (“There was also someone who went into the bathroom, and I remember thinking to myself: ‘Wow, what a polite terrorist.'”). They shot someone else’s dogs, tied some of them with a rope to a motorcycle, and dragged them while driving toward the Strip. Not humans. It’s scary, very scary!”

The problem with making the above report and others like it stick is the absence of video evidence so far. This reporter has been told that the notorious 43-minute video presented to select members of the media includes shots of women rioters taken from security cameras. I expect these will eventually come out.

Hauzman commented on this point: “And those who write: put up videos, otherwise we don’t believe you – [expletive] yourselves. I don’t intend to waste energy on you, not now and not ever!”

Understandable, but the problem in the absence of this direct evidence is obvious.

There is one piece of evidence that emerged on Tuesday: a phone conversation between an Arab teenager and his parents back in Gaza on 10/7, in which the lad boasts of killing 10 Jews and mommy and daddy lavish their praise on him. Not for the faint of heart:

User Rod Lior tweeted that women and children from Gaza who participated in the pogrom were documented in Nir Oz, and cited an acquaintance who saw the IDF video: “You know what I saw? At some point, Palestinian women with small children arrive in Nir Oz. And they walk around the kibbutz with red hands [from blood] and point for the terrorists where people are hiding inside homes, so they can kill them. So help me, I saw one of them running up to a terrorist, points, and he starts running. You know, one Palestinian woman entered the home of a kibbutz member and switched her Netflix to Arabic. The kibbutz member was hiding in her fortified space and realized this was a Palestinian woman because she heard her singing in her living room. And then she picked clothes from her wardrobe.”

Another user tweeted that young Arab children were encouraged to shoot Israelis who had been captured at the music concert. The children closed their eyes and fired.


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