Photo Credit: Aaron Rajman's Facebook page
Aaron Rajman in the ring

Aaron Rajman, a professional mixed martial arts fighter who was an Orthodox Jew, was shot during a home invasion west of Boca Raton Monday night and later died of his injuries, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Rajman was a featherweight (145 lbs), trained at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, and had an amateur record of 8-1 and a professional record of 2-2.


The murdered fighter described himself on his Facebook page:

“I was raised as an observant Jew in a private school but left the school at around 12 years old and as a teen I got into drugs and racked up 4 felonies before deciding to turn my life around get serious about a career and about being a human being that I can look up to.

“I would not be where I am if not for the endless support of my family, friends, team mates, coaches, all of my supporters and God above. Please reach out to me with any thoughts you have in mind and I will be happy to get back to you. Thanks for the support and God bless!

“God has been with my in my battles…”

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office reported that the shooting took place around 10:25 PM Monday in a house in the 22700 block of 65th Terrace. Several men entered the house and a fight ensued. The invaders fled in a vehicle in an unknown direction after the shooting. Sheriff’s detectives are investigating the case as a homicide and have only vague information about the suspects.

A childhood friend of Rajman told the PB Post that the two of them went to Jewish elementary school together, and even though they didn’t talk as much as adults, they could always pick up back where they left off when running into each other. In the past few years, the friend saw Rajman’s faith growing. “It was pretty special to watch him walk into a ring with a yarmulke on,” the friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said.


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