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Ishay Ribo concert in Gush Etzion. August 24, 2022

Singer Ishay Ribo and the Eastern Gush Etzion Youth Orchestra kicked of the Gush Etzion End-of-Summer Festival on Wednesday with a fabulous concert to thousands of cheering, singing and dancing Gush Etzion residents.


The end-of-summer festival is being held throughout Gush Etzion from August 24 to the 29th, with cultural events and activities for the while family.

Besides the Ishay Ribo concert, there will also be a concert by Natan Goshen alongside Amir Dadon, a women’s only DJ party, an evening of beer and songs, a day of activities for families, an open house at local agricultural farms, a fun event catered to families with special needs, amazing tours, ATV rides, and much more.

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman said: “Gush Etzion is opening its gates to visitors from Israel and the world, with an end of summer celebration. The summer festival, launched by our Tourism Division, is an opportunity to enjoy live concerts, hike through unique trails, dance at a women’s mega party, and visit amazing farms in our area, which are safeguarding our lands. I’m especially proud of the event for families with special needs. I invite everyone to visit our tourist attractions, enjoy our magnificent views, and take advantage of the fine culture Gush Etzion has to offer.”

Tickets and Schedule can be found at the link:


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