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An outraged MK Simcha Rothman accused News12 of a blood libel, Nov. 1, 2023.

Chairman of the Knesset Judicial Committee MK Simcha Rothman on Sunday met with representatives of the state prosecution and the Shin Bet to congratulate them on their decision to change the rules regarding incitement to terrorism. Since the start of Operation Iron Swords, Israeli law enforcement agencies have been arresting and prosecuting dozens of Arabs, both in green-line Israel and in the PA, over their online posts that praised the Hamas massacre of October 7, and incited more violence against Jews.

As an aside, MK Rothman told the prosecution folks that they could have prevented a lot of bloodshed had they abided by this policy earlier. He cited the murder of Yigal Yehoshua in Lod in May 2021, by Arabs who were incited to violence week in and week out by an antisemitic cleric who was never arrested; and the February 2023 murder of the brothers Halel and Yagel Yaniv in Huwara – whose blood was not less red than the blood of the victims of October 7.


On Wednesday, News12 reporter Guy Peleg wrote: “In a debate that took place three days ago, the Religious Zionism MK said that ‘the blood of the late Halel and Yagel Yaniv brothers who were murdered in Huwara is redder than the blood of those murdered on October 7.”

In other words, the precise opposite of what Rothman said, and with a twist: Rothman also equated the Lod victim, Yehoshua with the Gaza envelope victims, but Peleg only mentioned the Huwara victims because they were settlers, and including a victim from green-line Lod would have ruined the perfect blood libel: Religious Zionism MK says the blood of two settlers is redder than that of kibbutzniks.

Yes, boys and girls, while Israelis are stunned by the loss of a Holocaust kind of massacre and are following with fear and trepidation the onslaught of brave Jewish soldiers against Hitler’s Muslim Brothers – some in Israel’s more decrepit mainstream media don’t skip a beat in their relentless parade of hate against “the others.”

I watched Rothman on Channel 14 Wednesday night, retelling the entire event, and he looked like he had been blindsided by a four-by-four. And this is a politician who has been under a direct and unflinching campaign of harassment since January. They blocked his way out of his home, they blew megaphones in his ears on the streets of Manhattan, they defaced his property – and he took it in relative stride (except that one time when he pulled the megaphone out of the psychotic anarchist’s hands). But this time those shameless beasts accused him of preferring the blood of one type of Jew over another – and sicced on him dozens of irate relatives of the 10/7 victims who protested that unspeakable statement that he never uttered.

This time, on Channel 14, Rothman looked like the victim of antisemitism in the most profound historical sense of the word. This was a blood libel, this was vicious. It was undoubtedly fabricated by the Yevsektsiya, the Jewish department of the Shin Bet, whose practices of lies and provocation go back to special agent “Champagne,” Avishai Raviv, who activated Rabin’s assassin Yigal Amir. To them, leaking the exact opposite of what Rothman said at the meeting was child play.

Guy Peleg was just a useful idiot in this story, but honestly, take a look at the glee with which he pours out this nasty lie. Rothman has since stated that he spoke to Peleg and insisted this was a complete fabrication, but, naturally, his denial was not mentioned on the air. It was added to the online account as an afterthought.

Needless to say, Rothman, through his attorney, has already sent Channel 12 a letter demanding an apology: “This is one of the most serious slanders imaginable. Not only did my client not say these things, but he explicitly said, in the discussion concerning the change of the prosecutor’s office policy from the last few days, that if this had been done before, many lives could have been saved. My client said that the blood of those murdered in the terrorist attacks from the past was sufficient to justify the policy change, and their blood was also red, which is exactly the opposite of what you published.”

“In light of the above,” Rothman’s attorney Avraham Moshe Segal continued, “and in order to slightly reduce the heavy damage you have caused to my clients, you are required to immediately remove the false publication and publish an apology in your next edition – both in the news broadcast and the digital edition, to the same extent of the original publication.”

Stay tuned. In case News12 takes down the offending article, here’s a screenshot of the headline, MK Rothman’s outrageous statement: “The blood of the Huwara murdered is redder than the blood of those murdered on October 7.”

Screenshot of the News12 blood libel headline, Nov. 1, 2023. / Screenshot

You know, when the Christians not so long ago spread the blood libel about how Jews use the blood of a gentile boy in baking their matzah, they made it all up using their primitive imagination. But Israel’s agents of hate whose roots emanate from the Soviet repression apparatus are not primitive. They are, you know, evil.

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