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A Hezbollah truck was targeted by an Israeli drone in Syria, February 25, 2024.

Two Lebanese Hezbollah members were killed by an Israeli air strike on Sunday near the Syrian-Lebanese border, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Israel fired an air missile at a civilian truck near the Syrian-Lebanese border in an area overlapping the governorates of Homs and the Damascus, in the early morning hours, killing at least two Lebanese Hezbollah operatives.


Since the beginning of 2024, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has counted 16 Israeli attacks in Syrian territory, 10 of which were air strikes and 6 ground strikes. These strikes resulted in the injury and destruction of some 34 targets, including weapons and ammunition depots, headquarters, centers, and vehicles.

These strikes caused the death of 35 Hezbollah and other fighters i Syria, in addition to wounding 13 others. The dead were:

7 Iranian nationals from the Revolutionary Guard
8 from Lebanese Hezbollah
3 of Iraqi nationality
8 of the Iranian-affiliated militias are of Syrian nationality
4 of the militias affiliated with Iran are of non-Syrian nationality
5 unidentified individuals


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