Photo Credit: Ayal Margolin/Flash90
The scene where a rocket fired from Lebanon hit Kiryat Shmona, May 10, 2024.

Four Israeli soldiers were wounded, including one moderately, by Hezbollah anti-tank fire from Lebanon on Monday.

The other three troops were lightly injured after two missiles hit Kibbutz Yiftah, south of Kiryat Shmona in the Upper Galilee.


They were evacuated to Ziv Medical Center in Safed and their families were informed.

The Hezbollah terrorist group took responsibility for the “anti-tank fire at Yiftah at 10:35.”

In addition, the IDF said that an unarmed aircraft that crossed from Lebanon crashed near the border moshav of Zar’it in the Western Galilee, with no casualties reported. This incident was followed shortly after by incoming missile and rocket fire alarms activated in the Western Galilee communities of Moshav Netu’a, Moshav Elkosh, the Christian Arab village of Fassouta and Mattat.

Hezbollah also took responsibility for an “air attack using UAVs at 6:20 in Beit Hillel.” The two kamikaze drones exploded near the moshav without an alarm being triggered in the area. A fire broke out as a result of the attack that was extinguished. There were no casualties.

Sirens sounded in other communities in northern Israel throughout the morning as Israel observed Memorial Day.

Meanwhile, a French official on Sunday denied a Channel 12 report from last week that Hezbollah rejected in writing a French proposal for a ceasefire with Israel.

“The report is inaccurate and wrong. There are no negotiations. Hezbollah refuses to negotiate while the war in Gaza is going on,” the official told The Times of Israel.

According to the Channel 12 report, Hezbollah communicated its rejection of the French offer through the Lebanese Shi’ite Amal party. The proposal reportedly included the building of watchtowers along the border to be used by the Lebanese Army.

The Paris initiative reportedly complicated American efforts to restore calm on the Israeli-Lebanon border. The French official dismissed any talk of watchtowers.

“One wonders who spread the reports, and who has an interest in getting in the way of a solution,” the official pondered.

The Israeli military has pushed back Hezbollah to “significant distances” from the border with Lebanon, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said last week, amid an ongoing low-intensity conflict with the Iranian-backed terrorist group.

Hezbollah has carried out near-daily attacks on northern Israel since joining the war against the Jewish state in support of Hamas following the Gaza-based terrorist group’s massacre of some 1,200 people in the northwestern Negev.

Israel has threatened a major military offensive in Southern Lebanon to push Hezbollah north of the Litani River—some 18 miles from the border—if a diplomatic solution is not found. Efforts to calm tensions, including those of the United States and France, have been unsuccessful.

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