Photo Credit: Tasnim News
Iran’s Sayyad 4B missile.

Sayyad 4B, a new missile with an engine that runs on hybrid solid and liquid fuel, was unveiled by Iran on Sunday, Tasnim News reported. The new missile is paired with Iran’s Bavar-373 air defense system.


According to the report, in a recent test, the Bavar-373 system (the name means Messenger of Allah) successfully hit a target at a distance of more than 300 km with the Sayyad 4B missile. The system detected the target at a range of more than 450 kilometers with its optimized radar and tracked it at a distance of around 405 km before detonating it with a Sayyad 4B.

According to Tasnim, deploying the Sayyad 4B extends the range of Iran’s air defense to 300 km, and its altitude of engagement to 32 km.

The Bavar-373 missile defense system was formally unveiled by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on August 22, 2019. An upgraded version was unveiled in 2022. Iran says it is equal to the Russian S-400 and claims it can shoot down fifth-generation fighter aircraft. These include the US-made F-22 and F-35, China’s Chengdu J-20, and Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57.


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