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Houthi ballistic missile attack on Abu Dhabi, Jan. 24, 2022.

The UAE intercepted and destroyed two ballistic missiles that the Houthi terror group fired at the country early Monday morning, the Emirati Defense Ministry reported.


According to the report, the attack did not result in any casualties, and the remnants of the missiles fell safely “in different areas of Abu Dhabi.”

The ministry confirmed its readiness to deal with any threats and said it had taken all measures necessary to ensure safety. It also urged UAE residents to get their news only from official channels.

According to Iran’s Mehr News, at least four loud explosions were heard by witnesses in Abu Dhabi, and at least one of the targets hit by the UAE’s Patriot Air Defense network was a suicide UAV equipped with an improvised explosive device. Iran is notorious for its use of suicide drones against US military and Saudi targets, as is its proxy terror group, the Houthis.

Air traffic has been temporarily suspended in Abu Dhabi and its surrounding area.

According to Abu Ali Express, the Saudis have also reported a Houthi attack on Monday morning, and say they intercepted a ballistic missile that was fired at the city of Dhahran Al Janub near the Yemen border. Fragments of the intercepted missile landed in an industrial area causing property damage. The Houthis fired a second ballistic missile at the city of Jazan, also in southern Saudi Arabia, with property damage there as well.

Last week, a Houthi drone attack on two civilian facilities in Abu Dhabi left three people dead and six injured with damage to the port and airport. The Arab League on Sunday said Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels should be labeled as a terrorist group because of the attack on UAE. The pan-Arab bloc called the strikes “a flagrant violation of international law… and a real threat to vital civilian installations, energy supplies, and global economic stability.”

On Friday, the UN Security Council unanimously condemned the Houthi strikes on the UAE.


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