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Defense Secretary Jim Mattis greets King Abdullah II of Jordan during an honor cordon at the Pentagon, Jan. 30, 2017.

The Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) on Sunday dismissed as “baseless” reports that US planes were shipping equipment and ammunition to Israel from the stock on His Majesty’s bases. The Jordanian News Agency Petra quoted an unnamed military source who rejected the reports circulated on social media which claimed that the US is using Jordanian army bases to deliver American ammunition for Israel’s offensive on Gaza.

The source said, “Circulating such rumors aims at harming Jordan’s unwavering stance on the Palestinian cause and the reputation of JAF, whose field hospital is still receiving injured people in the Gaza Strip despite all challenges and hardships.”


OK, even I find this line to be a tad feeble.

Hundreds of thousands of Jordanians of “Palestinian” descent, who constitute the vast majority in the country which is ruled by a Bedouin elite, have taken to the streets throughout the last three weeks, demanding that their government sever its ties with Israel over the ongoing IDF attacks in Gaza.

Naturally, being crazed mobs and all, those empathetic folks have not considered where their drinking water would come from should the ties with Israel be severed.

The source cited by Petra stressed that Jordanian field hospitals continue treating the casualties in Gaza, and the Royal Air Force’s deployed planes to deliver humanitarian aid to the besieged Strip.

Again, I don’t think the crazed mobs in Jordan’s streets were impressed.


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