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Shalom Aboudi, z"l, age 56 was killed by Hezbollah in northern Israel on November 12, 2023

The Israel Electric Company announced on Monday that Shalom Aboudi, one of its workers, was killed in a Hezbollah rocket attack from Lebanon the previous day.

Aboudi, 56, was with a team of workers repairing power lines near Moshav Dovev that had been damaged in a previous rocket attack. The Electric Company said Aboudi was killed in a direct hit.


Fourteen other Israeli civilians were injured in the attack.

Hezbollah claimed responsibility for firing a guided anti-tank missile at the repair crew.

Aboudi had worked for the electric company for 34 years in the maintenance of the network in northern Israel.

“The heart aches and the soul is numb to receive the bitter news about the fall of our friend, Shalom Abodi, while he was working to restore the electricity supply to the residents of the north. Shalom was loyal to the company’s values ​​and commitment to its customers and we are saddened by his passing,” said Israel Electric Company CEO Meir Spiegler.

A resident of Tiberias, Aboudi is survived by a wife and two children.

Yehi zichro baruch.


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