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The Lebanese army’s intelligence chief has launched an investigation following the appearance of Star of David symbols spray-painted on the main road near the town of Zahala and is trying to locate the vandals.

The appearance of the Jewish symbols is driving the Lebanese army crazy, and after sending a unit to erase the symbols on the asphalt, unknown individuals re-painted them, in a cat-and-mouse game that has been going on for three days.


The bizarre affair is causing a stir on social media in Lebanon with a long line of guesses, and it is believed that the appearance of the paintings on the roads is meant to mock Hezbollah.

The appearance of the Star of David paintings in Lebanon comes a few days after Hezbollah published a video about its alpinist unit’s training who are seen firing at targets bearing the Star of David emblem. Hezbollah’s elite unit, Radwan, which according to various sources is supposed to occupy parts of the Galilee in an upcoming war in the north, is also training on targets bearing the Star of David.

In 2019, social networks in Lebanon were in turmoil when a statue of Magen David was photographed in a central square in the capital, but it turned out that it was a cubic statue, and when viewed from an angle, created the illusion that it was a Star of David.


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