Photo Credit: ImageSat International
A tunnel under excavation at the Imam Ali base near the Syria-Iraq border.

A Hezbollah operative was among those killed Monday night in an Israeli attack on Iranian targets inside Syria, the Lebanon-based terror organization stated.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that five members of Iranian-backed militias in the country were killed in the strike. While Syrian media outlets attributed the attack to Israel and said seven soldiers were wounded and it caused material damage, including to a missile depot and other weapons warehouses.


Hezbollah issued a statement Tuesday in which it “mourned the mujahid” Ali Kamel Mohsen “who embraced martyrdom” in the overnight Israeli strike on the Damascus International Airport.

Mohsen, a low-ranking member of the terror organization, came from a town in southern Lebanon.

Israel did not officially take responsibility for the incident.

Israeli military sources were later quoted as saying that the IDF should be prepared for a military response from Hezbollah after the group officially announced the death of one of its men.

Hezbollah has previously threatened to respond to any death of its men killed by Israel, in Lebanon or Syria. This official recognition of the death of one of their men would require a response.