Photo Credit: Neil Cohen, IDF Spokesperson's Film Unit
IDF tank firing

An Israeli tank on Saturday fired a shell towards Syrian army units that had entered the buffer zone between the two countries in the northern Golan Heights, the IDF Spokesperson announced.

According to the announcement, Syrian soldiers tried to fortify a military post near Hader village in southern Syria, outside the city of Quneitra, and these works went into the buffer zone in a manner that violated cease-fire agreements.


As a result, the IDF fired the warning shot.

The warning comes against the backdrop of ongoing tension with the Assad regime in recent months, which included a series of confrontations, the last of which took place a week ago, when the IDF intercepted an aerial drone approaching the border, most likely to gather intelligence.

According to the cease-fire agreement that was signed a week ago by Russia, the US, and Jordan, all foreign forces, including the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iran’s Shiite militias, including Hezbollah, must leave Syrian territory – at some point in time. The deal does not contain a timetable for its implementation, which makes it more wishful thinking than an actual deal. Until then, those forces are permitted, according to the trilateral agreement, to be situated as close as three miles from the Israeli border.