Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Two F-15 fighter jets. (illustrative only)

The Russian military claims that Israel is the country that attacked Syria’s T4 air force base near Homs, which killed 14 people, including Iranian aiding the Syrian government.

Russia says that two Israeli F-15 fighter planes launched eight missiles at the base, five of which were intercepted. The planes were supposedly flying over Lebanon during the attack.


The Russian report claims that the attack was coordinated with the US, and in response to the understandings that were reached in the last week’s Russia-Iran-Turkey trilateral summit on Syria.

Dimitri Poskov, the spokesman for Russian president Vladimir Putin, said that Russia received no advance warning from Israel regarding the attack. He added that this is worrisome as Russian troops are often located on Syrian bases.

The attack came after Syrian president Assad once again used chemical weapons on his own citizens, killing at least dozens of people, mostly women and children.

No country has taken credit for attacking the Syrian base.

Or Heller of Israel’s Channel 10 points out that T4 was the base that Iran used to launched the drone on February 10 of this year, which led to a series of events culminating with an Israeli F-16 getting shot down by a missile.