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Israel's F-35 'Adir' Stealth fighter jet

In the wake of an Israeli attack on Monday night, the Russian Defense Ministry granted Tehran access to the Syrian Hmeimim Air Base, according to Al Masdar News.

The news outlet said the information was gleaned from a flight tracking app.


A Syrian IL-76 cargo aircraft was tracked on the app flying from Mehrabad Airport in Tehran to the Hmeimim Air Base, located on the coast in Syria’s Latakia governorate.

“Israel, with varying success, nevertheless destroyed several military facilities of the Iranian military forces on the territory of Syria and damaged the infrastructure of a number of military bases in order to prevent Iranian aircraft with weapons from landing here; however, Russia provided the Iranian military with the opportunity to use its military airfield in the province of Latakia, thereby challenging Netanyahu, who promised to strike at the Iranian military at any time,” the Russian publication Avia.Pro reported.

Israel announced Tuesday that the airspace above the Golan Heights adjacent to the Syrian border was closed to air traffic above 5,000 feet for the coming month, as reports emerged from Syria that at least 14 people were killed in an Israeli Air Force strike late Monday.

Israeli Air Space Near Syria Closed, as Reports Emerge of 14 Killed in IAF Strike

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported an Israeli attack targeted Iranian forces and militias in Deir a-Zour, killing 14 Iranian and Iraqi nationals. The death toll is expected to rise as there were many wounded, with some in critical condition.

The IAF also targeted ammunition warehouses within the Branch 247 “Defense Factories” southeast of Aleppo, which is under the control of Syrian regime forces and Iranian militias. In addition, a scientific research facility used for the development and production of weapons – including long-range missiles – was likely destroyed as well.

Monday night’s attack was the sixth strike against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in the past two weeks, all linked to the Iranian missile project in Syria. Israel has repeatedly warned that she will not allow an Iranian military buildup in Syria.


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