Photo Credit: Cpl. Yuval Shmueli, IDF Spokesperson's Unit.
IAF warplane

The official Syrian state news agency SANA reported Friday morning that “Syrian army air defenses confronted an Israeli-missiles aggression that targeted several posts south of Damascus, downed most them.”

SANA cited a military source saying “the Israeli enemy launched at 4:20 AM on Friday an aerial aggression from the occupied Syria Golan’s airspace, targeting some post south of Damascus.” The source added that “the army air defenses confronted the aggression and shot down most of the missiles. The aggression left one civilian injured, as well as material damage.”


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that “in the 14th Israeli attack in Syrian territory, air strikes targeted military sites of the regime forces and the Lebanese Hezbollah south of Damascus.”

This is a second attack attributed to Israel this week in the same area. On Monday night, the Syrian army reported that the Israeli Air Force had launched attacks from the Golan Heights on several targets in southern Damascus.

As a result of the attack, the airport will be closed for 48 hours.

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